Why do you Exercise?

September 24, 2021

Do you exercise‍‍‍‍

1. to punish your body for the things you eat? OR

2. because it makes you feel strong, healthy and have mental clarity!

I used to make myself workout to burn off the food I ate. Fearful that if I didn’t exercise, I would gain weight. Can you relate?

It took me years to understand exercise shouldn’t be punishment for eating or a grueling workout you suffer through and then can’t move for days afterward.

Moving our bodies is a blessing that should bring us joy & make us feel amazing. A way to reduce stress and bring awareness to the feelings in our body!

I encourage you to find something you like and get into a routine of moving your body daily! For me, having the accountability of meeting other people makes movement much more fun!

So tell me, what is your favorite way to move your body?