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Engaging groups and individuals to stay active and committed to their wellness and preventative care
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Many people only think about health insurance when they, or one of their loved ones, are sick or injured. Most health care companies offer wellness programs that get little to no participation. The burden of getting participation then typically falls on one individual and their ability to convince others to join.

That’s why Enduralife has structured a way to engage others to participate in a wellness challenge that teaches participants how to be healthy, how to stay educated and make a life-long commitment to wellness.

The Enduralife approach to the Lighten Up Challenge:

  • Creates Incentive
  • Drives Accountability
  • Provides a fundamental education of nutrition
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Our wellness program can be customized for the unique needs of any organization.

Our structured approach helps large groups understand where to start and helps to lay out a plan that will help them to achieve their individual goals.  We schedule weekly onsite and in-person nutrition talks, provide weekly group health coaching and advisement, promote peer-to-peer competition, and serve as an encouraging accountability partner by engaging with participants throughout the program.

Participants join to compete.  However, the challenge they join will help them learn about healthy eating and how to make healthy choices.  They may also get access to discounted memberships to a local fitness facility and will receive the dedicated, individual attention of an Enduralife Certified Health Coach.

Rejuvenate your business's day to day culture and environment
  • Invest in employees and employee morale
  • Promote healthier employees
  • Help employees reduce insurance premiums
  • Increase workforce productivity
Benefits of the Challenge

Everybody Wins!

  • Having fun makes working together a much better experience
  • Healthy competition creates an synergies between teams to accomplish more
  • When teams work together to accomplish a common goal, accomplishment becomes the team sport
  • A cultural stimulation that makes work more than just the day-to-day
  • By improving communications between team members, employers increase workforce productivity

  • Investing in the well being of others, creates loyalty and trust
  • By improving the health of the employee, participants may qualify for wellness credits with health care providers
  • Healthier employees typically miss less work
  • When employees are more healthy, they have fewer dollars spent on doctor visits and medications

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