November 2, 2021

We must create energy to be energetic!  MOVEMENT is MEDICINE!

But, I am here to remind you, exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, or punishment for something you ate!  Think about types of movement you enjoy that elevates your heart rate and even helps you to break a sweat!

Focus on gratitude for having a healthy body that is able to move, breathe, sweat! Focus on moving your body to reduce stress and bring awareness to the feelings in our body!

Think about things you enjoy, maybe it's walking, group fitness, strength training, yoga, running, Pilates, etc. I encourage you to find something you like and get into a routine of moving your body daily! 

For me, having the accountability of meeting other people makes movement much more fun.

Fun FACT: Skeletal muscle burns more calories at rest!  Think of muscle as your metabolic currency!

One of the first things I suggest to clients if they want to boost their metabolism and lose weight is to incorporate strength or resistance training + more protein into their routine! Not sure where to start with strength or resistance training? I am here to help!

So, I encourage you to start today - Find ways to move your body that bring you joy, be consistent with daily movement. I promise your mood and health will thank you!