To CARB or to KETO - that is the question!

October 15, 2021

I often get the question ... "should I be eating carbs or eliminating them from my diet?" Proponents of the ketogenic diet believe carbs are evil and will make you fat!  

In my opinion, we should never restrict a complete macronutrient group from our diets. For women especially, carb restriction can cause a huge imbalance in our hormones.

Each one of us is uniquely made and has different macronutrient needs based on age, lifestyle, blood type, activity level, genetics, etc.  

I feel most women need more protein + veggies + some healthy fats at meals, along with lots more water.   

While the ketogenic diet can be beneficial in the short term, many feel that it is not a sustainable way of fueling their bodies and end up going crazy on carbs and gaining weight back they have lost. Many athletes also see their performance suffer due to carb restriction, as our bodies need carbohydrates to fuel muscles and help them repair.

Have you tried to restrict carbs or calories only to feel lethargic, cranky, stressed, defeated & find yourself eating everything in sight?

Let's CHAT about your unique needs and goals and come up with a plan specific to YOU, allowing you to feel healthy, happy and energetic!