How Student Athletes Can Gain a Competitive Advantage

September 8, 2022

Summer has come to an end and school is back in session.  Many student athletes are in full swing with sports or in training for their upcoming season.  

Endless hours are spent training and competing to become the best in your sport, but many athletes overlook one key area which can give you a huge advantage!  


Nutrition helps with muscle strength, stamina, and endurance.  Nutrition allows you to recover from training and have energy to train day in and day out allowing you to train harder and meet your performance goals.

Focusing on proper fueling and hydration can give athletes a huge competitive advantage!  You are expending more energy during training and competition, so more energy from quality fuel sources needs to be replaced.

In order to provide the body with fuel for optimal performance, a fueling strategy is important. This means packing snacks and hydration rather than relying on concession stands or fast-food options.

Use NUTRITION to give your body the energy it needs to be a better athlete!  Determine fuel sources full of quality nutrients that work well for your body and your unique needs.

HYDRATE – dehydration causes decreases in performance.  Dehydration begins when you lose as little as 2% of your body weight in sweat.  Focus on hydrating before, during and after training and consider replacing electrolytes if you sweat a lot.

BREAKFAST – compete in a fueled state!  Skipping out on fuel before a game or competition is limiting your body’s energy. It like taking your car on a road trip through the mountains with a ¼take of gas.  This can be a recipe for disaster!

RECOVER – after training or competing, it is important to refuel the body within 30 -45 minutes, with a mix of carbs and protein, to replenish energy stores and repair the muscles so you’re ready to train or compete again the next day!

Skip FAST FOOD – high fat foods from fast food joints won’t provide your body with the quality nutrients it needs for performance.  If you want to perform your best, you must fuel your body with the proper mix of protein, carbohydrates, and fats!  Make sure you’re prepared by packing your own food and drinks to fuel your body for optimal performance.

Nutrition can give you a competitive edge!  Be prepared and take advantage of it today!