Master your Mindset to Achieve your Goals

May 7, 2024

Your mind is a powerful tool! I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but it is so important to understand.

From the moment you are born, everything you see, word you hear, or experience you have is recorded into your brain! All of these things shape your mindset! 
Your mindset will determine the quality of your life and whether you reach your goals!

So take a minute to think - do you have a positive or negative mindset? You have the power to reprogram your brain, to transition to a positive mindset and reach your full potential.

If you want to succeed in anything in life, you first must believe you can! Whether you want to complete a race, take on a challenge, go for a promotion at work, slim down / tone up, this list goes on and on!

If you want to succeed, you must first believe!  Before you can ever achieve your goal, you must quiet any negative thoughts or doubts in your mind and believe you can achieve the goal! I work with clients who are working to reach various goals. I often find they have mental blocks preventing them from achieving their goals, or have a negative mindset that’s limiting their success.  

For example, I was working with a client who wanted to run her first 50k. She was spot on with the training plan, but was lacking in fueling. She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t able to run the pace she wanted and every run felt so hard, despite following her training plan consistently.  When she got into longer miles, she said it felt like she was running through mud.  

However, she wasn’t willing to prioritize her fueling strategy, to wake up 15-30 minutes early to have a pre-run snack and get her fuel ready for her long runs. Plus, afterwards she was just going about her busy day with work and family commitments and skipping post workout fuel.  Her reasoning - she just doesn’t have time.

Really? This is a mindset thing, an excuse you’re telling yourself! You’re not prioritizing your fueling strategy and have it stuck in your mind that you don’t have time.  

We must look at what’s resistant to the goal and change your mindset around the resistance!

Let’s shift your mindset to understand the importance of fuel and prioritize the time. Once you see how much better you perform and recover with fueling, it will become second nature!

This also comes into play with completing a race. I encourage clients to visualize themselves crossing the finish line, perhaps seeing their finishing time on the clock and the feeling they will have with their accomplishment. Of course completing a race is challenging and the training it takes to get to the start line healthy requires long hard hours. It’s easy to come up with reasons why we can’t complete the race. But, just think of the way you’ll feel when you cross the finish line and reach your goal!

We often have to quiet those negative thoughts that creep into our mind about the time, effort, and hard work that goes into reaching our goals and replace them with positive thoughts of our accomplishments.

Starting now, I challenge you to listen to your words and thoughts!  If they’re negative, stop them and replace them with something positive. Recognize your resistance to the goal and work to change your mindset around the resistance. This practice will change your outlook on life, reprogram your brain, allow you to reach your goals, and live a happier, healthier life.