November 16, 2021

In the journey to improve our health, we often focus on food, water, movement, stress management and sleep.  One of the most powerful and overlooked contributors to improve your heath and wellness is GRATITUDE!  And, it only takes a few minutes to have life changing and mood improving benefits!

Gratitude isn’t just saying thank you to someone who holds the door for your, or to your kids for cleaning their room! Gratitude is an emotion and a mindset!  You can experience a much more abundant life and improved health by focusing on gratitude just a few minutes per day! 

Research shows that when we think about what we're grateful for, the parasympathetic, rest-and-digest, calming part of the nervous system is triggered, producing a host of positive benefits for the body, including decreasing cortisol levels and increasing oxytocin, the powerful bonding hormones involved in relationships that makes us feel so good 😍 after "physical touch!"

However, you can’t expect gratitude to happen on its own. If you have more of a negative mindset and look at things as "glass half empty," you’re going to look at your circumstances as if they’re emptying your glass even more. But, if you approach your day with a positive mindset, "glass-half-full mindset," looking for the positive in everything, then every small, good thing that happens is going to contribute to your glass till your cup "runneth over." You will look for the positive things that come out of tough situations.

You have the power to brighten your own life, by looking for all the good things around you, having gratitude and being thankful. And, as you develop your capacity to see the good each day and in all situations, you’ll experience a number of life-enhancing benefits, such as:

  1. Physical health: many research studies show grateful people experience fewer aches and pains, report feeling healthier than others and are more likely to take care of themselves. They have a greater sense of self-awareness and care about their bodies, which can lead to enhanced longevity.
  2. New opportunities and deeper relationships: having a positive mindset and an attitude of gratitude will help you to attract like minded people, opening the door to new opportunities.
  3. Physiological health and mental strength: having gratitude and being aware of the many things you have to be thankful for, even during tough times, creates resilience that helps to battle stress and overcome obstacles.
  4. Quality Sleep: studies have shown that writing in a gratitude journal (or writing down things you're thankful for from the day), right before going to bed, may help you sleep better and longer.
  5. Self-Esteem: studies have shown that grateful people are able to celebrate others accomplishments along with their own, leading to greater relationships and happiness.

“Your mindset is KEY!  Your circumstances are nothing more than an opportunity to look on the bright side!  Have GRATITUDE, be THANKFUL, feel BLESSED!”