Metabolic RESET

October 22, 2022

In all of my nutrition education, I've learned about gut health the impact it has on our overall health and well-being. I've worked to repair my gut from years of undernourishment, stress, RX drugs, and poor lifestyle choices and have taken time once or twice a year for a RESET! 

NO, I don’t do this for weight loss!  I do it to RESET the body and bring it back into balance, to support gut health and liver function and activate the detoxification pathways.

I just completed the 3 Day Reset from Plexus, a nutritionally supported fast that helps to reset metabolism, restore gut health and repair on a cellular level. Even as a nutrition coach I find myself in a food rut occasionally, which leads me to less nutrient dense foods that don’t properly fuel my body.  I love this reset because it’s full of quality protein, vitamins and minerals.

How did I feel on this 3 Day Reset - hmmm, for the most part I felt pretty good.  But, because of my active lifestyle and inability to give up exercise, I added a few things into the 3 days:  homemade bone broth, extra collagen protein and small amounts of cucumber, carrots and broccoli.

Day 1 went smoothly, I was able to do my normal morning workouts mainly because my fuel stores were already filled from the previous day. 

Day 2 was HARD!  My energy was all over the place and I wanted to CHEW food!  I did a short / easy run + Hot Pilates. 

Day 3 I felt amazing!  Lots of energy, good sleep, mental clarity, happy and felt energized for regular workouts.

The morning after I finished, I was ready to eat food!!  Even with a pre-workout snack, energy was low. My legs felt heavy and slow as I ran and lifting was really hard.

Some  things I noticed during the 3 days:  

🥶I was cold all the time - like my feet were always freezing.  

🏃As an athlete, we can’t perform our best without complex carbohydrates or in big calorie deficit.  We need fuel to perform optimally!

🤸Recovery, even from shorter, less intense workouts has been CRAP!  I’m so sore!

🥕I realized I eat mindlessly and graze while I’m cooking, 

🥗I often go back for more food, even before I stop to determine if I’m full or not!

The 3 Day Reset was great to help reset my nutrition habits and realize habitual things I did before.  Now, I can move forward with more awareness.  

My goals in moving forward:

Be present when I’m cooking / eating and listen to my body

✅ Minimize convenience foods that don’t provide proper nutrients and fuel

✅ Go back to tracking macronutrients 1 week a month to determine if I’m properly fueling my body for optimal health and performance!

Have you considered a RESET?  I have a 10 day Fall Reset starting Nov 2nd where I will guide you in fueling your body with quality protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. This will help to break free from sugar cravings, reduce inflammation, reset detox pathways, optimize cellular function and increase metabolic flexibility.

No dieting, just learning to fuel your body for optimal health, energy and performance.

Will you join me?