How Your "Lighten Up" Challenge Works

Get ready for life lasting results

We believe that education is the key to making any wellness program work. There are plenty of weight loss programs, incentives and other gimmicks that help people lose weight. Our goal is to focus less on the weight and more on helping participants understand what works for them and why. No one diet works for everyone. The key to doing it right is to create an incentive, ensure that accountability is in place and take the time to educate people on how to produce life lasting results.

Count Down to the Start

Building up participation

Two weeks prior to the Launch, Enduralife will work with your designated coordinator to develop communication that can be used to build anticipation and produce maximum results. Participation is best when employees feel there is something included that they want. This Challenge is about having fun and building a program experience that people will participate in, learn from, and enjoy.

Kicking Off Your "Lighten Up" Challenge

Launching a successful Wellness Program

Getting off the starting blocks is a critical step in the overall success of the Challenge. The group coordinator's role is to facilitate attendance at the Kickoff event so everyone can hear the details and get excited about the challenge. In an office setting we find it best if the executive team leads by example. When the executives play, it gives the employees a chance to "beat the big boss" and everybody wants to participate

Education is Critical

We teach where others fall short

We know there is a more to a wellness program than just opening it up to a large group. People need motivation, encouragement, and belief that a wellness program is not just good for them, but easy to understand, easy to participate in and something that they are genuinely interested in.

Not only do they need some encouragement to participate, but they need to be able to get something out of what they put in. That’s why we focus so much on the educational aspects of this Challenge. We have four main topics that are broken into eight individual nutritional talks.

Facilitating the Challenge

Providing a turn-key experience

We manage the details for you. To ensure conflict of interest and privacy of information, we manage the program results for you. After each week, we’ll record the results and work with your program coordinator to ensure that results can be published and seen at the team level.

What’s in it for the participant?

Employee Incentives

  • Cash awards - Every participant will receive something for their participation. The top three individuals and/or teams get cash awards.
  • Weekly Nutritional Coaching and Counseling - Education and coaching become an accountability factor that keeps participation in the challenge high.
  • Free access - Enduralife has worked with a select set of health clubs to provide FREE access for participants during the challenge.

What's in it for your Business?

Employer Incentives

  • Fewer Absences - By teaching proper diet and nutrition, employers tend to see fewer sick days reported.
  • Increased Productivity - By eliminating nutrition that causes crashes, employers see an increase in productivity from their teams.
  • Reduced Healthcare Costs - With a more healthy workforce, employees and employers have the potential to reduce their costs on healthcare.

Our Objective: to help people make better health and nutrition decisions.

Our Goal: to help your business deliver an experience that makes a life-long impact.