Healthy or NOT?!

At a glance, if you had no knowledge of nutrition, would you consider this healthy?


As a kid and in my early adult years, I can honestly say that I would.  I had no knowledge of how to read a nutrition label and had no understanding of “controversial ingredients” to be aware of!

This is low in calories (check) and no artificial flavors (check) = MUST BE OK FOR ME!

No wonder why Americans are unhealthy and sick!

Beware of “foods” marketed to make kids (even adults) think that they’re healthy!

My daughter asked if she could have this Fun Dip after Valentines Day? I said we probably should skip that today. She said, “but it doesn’t have anything artificial!”

Hmmm… let’s turn it over and look at the label = THIS IS NOT FOOD! It’s FULL of CHEMICALS and FOOD DYES!

Many popular candies, drinks, popsicles, puddings, yogurts, gums, boxed mac n’ cheeses, baking mixes, pickles, meats, fruits, sauces and chips contain food dyes that can be harmful to our health! 

As if that’s not enough, the food dye in our day isn’t limited to food. Chances are, if you take vitamins, use cough syrup, brush your teeth, wash your hands, shampoo your hair, launder your clothing and moisturize your lips on a daily basis — you come into contact with artificial dyes quite frequently.

These food dyes that make our food and health / beauty products more appealing have been linked to behavioral problems, various types of cancers and other problems.

Moral of the story ... learn to be a label detective and teach your kids to do the same! If there is an ingredient on there you don't recognize, it's probably best that you steer clear of it!

Start to bring awareness to your kids behaviors in relation to the foods they eat! Are they acting out, having “meltdowns” or nightmares? If so, ask yourself … “did they have candy, cakes or any foods with food dyes?” If so, I encourage you to eliminate all food dyes and minimize sugar in their diet. See if their behavior, focus and sleep improves!

Let’s teach our kids at an early age the affects that foods can have on their health and behavior and help them create healthy habits for the future!