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Halloween is over and the holiday season is upon us! For most of us, this means parties full of sugar filled snacks and drinks!

Sugar exists in many forms besides just the white (usually GMO) sugar we can pick up at the grocery store. There are effects of sugar in all of its forms (including corn syrup, honey, maple syrup, FLOUR and even fruit) and we are consuming more of it now than ever before.

I often get the question, "is sugar ok in moderation?" Eliminating a specific food group (like protein, carbohydrates or fat) can be harmful, but sugar in itself is not a food group. Though sugar in some form is naturally present in many foods, by itself, it contains:

  • no nutrients

  • no protein

  • no healthy fats

  • no enzymes

Just empty and quickly digested calories that actually pull minerals from the body during digestion. It creates a hormonal response when consumed that starts a positive feedback loop in the body to encourage more consumption.

5 clues you may be addicted to sugar, flour and processed food:

  1. You consume certain foods even if you are not hungry because of cravings (hello ice cream at night in front of TV).

  2. You worry about cutting down on certain foods.

  3. You feel sluggish or fatigued from overeating (hello sugar fog)!

  4. You have health or social problems (affecting school or work) because of food issues and yet keep eating the way you do despite negative consequences.

  5. You need more and more of the foods you crave to experience any pleasure or reduce negative emotions.

If you are among those whose brain chemistry, taste buds and hormones have been hijacked by the food industry (up to 70 percent of us, including 40 percent of children), then it is time to stop blaming yourself and consider a SUGAR DETOX!

Join me for my FREE 7 Day Sugar Buster Challenge starting November 12! I will educate you on the effects of sugar on our bodies and teach you how to crowd out your cravings for sugar and processed foods by replacing with yummy options that fuel your body!

This will set you up with new motivation going into the holidays, help you break the sugar cycle and reduce cravings!

This challenge is not about dieting, restricting or counting calories!

It is about creating a lifestyle that you will learn to LOVE because your always satiated and energetic!

  • Are you ready to feel amazing, healthy and energetic?!

  • Are you ready to have group support and an accountability partner (ME)!

  • Are you ready to crowd out the unhealthy foods and replace with foods that fuel your body?!

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